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Welcome to Gr8jobsng Campus Ambassador Programme

The Gr8jobsng Campus Ambassador Programme will give tertiary Institution students an opportunity to earn income while still concentrating on their studies and also gives them a chance to contribute their quota to nation building, connecting fellow students with a platform that increases their chances of achieving their career goals. Ambassadors are passionate people who are influencers and are passionate about the Gr8jobsng brand. These ambassadors are constantly seeking to spread the good news about Gr8jobsng and the immense value it brings to the jobseekers.


  • You must be a Gr8jobsng Premium Subscriber.
  • If you are not yet a Premium Subscriber, click here to become a Gr8jobsng Premium Subscriber.
  • Must be a current student of one of the higher institutions.
  • Must be willing and able to sell the platform to fellow students, especially final year, masters and DLI students and all other persons interested in registering on the platform.
  • Must be passionate with required drive to incite fellowership.
  • Must know all Gr8jobsng products.
  • Must possess strong written and oral skills.
  •  Must be sociable, interactive, influencer on social media and youth affairs.
  • Must follow Gr8jobsng on all our listed online platforms with constant engagements.